Our portfolio

Working solo or in collaboration with our creative partners we have amassed a substantial body of work.

  1. Construction
    Brand & marketing strategy. Visual identity, website & colateral roll out.
  2. Barristers chambers
    Barristers chambers
    Brand strategy & creative. With Clark Design.
  3. Precinct in The Rocks
    Precinct in The Rocks
    New name, brand and launch comms campaign. With Alphabet Studios.
  4. Construction
    Brand strategy, rebrand, roll out & marketing management. With Two Lanes Creative.
  5. Bank
    Creative strategy and project management. For M&C Saatchi.
  6. Online fashion site
    Online fashion site
    Visual identity, website and collateral.
  7. IP Attorneys
    IP Attorneys
    Brand strategy and rebrand. With Two Lanes Creative.
  1. Theatre company
    Theatre company
    Brand strategy and rebrand. With Clark Design.
  2. Architect
    Brand strategy, rebrand & roll out. With Trigger.
  3. Recruitment company
    Recruitment company
    Brand strategy, rename, visual identity and roll out. With Alphabet Studios.
  4. Developer
    Brand strategy, rebrand and roll out.
  5. Interior design
    Interior design
    Rebrand & collateral. With Alphabet Studios.
  6. Property development
    Property development
    Creative strategy, brand and sales collateral. With Alphabet Studios.
  7. Restaurant and bar
    Restaurant and bar
    Brand strategy, visual identity and collateral. With Alphabet Studios.
  8. Project management
    Project management
    Brand strategy and rebrand. With Extra Black.



Scott Carver

Google offices


Powerhouse Jewellery Exhibition

Powerhouse Circus Exhibition